Jul 12

In the last couple of years, the UK market has become flooded with low quality laptop chargers and more worryingly still counterfeit laptop adapters.You may well ask how is it possible to tell whether a laptop charger is of low quality or is a fake.Fortunately for customers it is actually quite straightforward to identify the vast majority of fake laptop chargers.Firstly, you will probably notice that the laptop adapter is considerably lighter in weight than your original laptop charger.This is because the quality of the internal components used inside the laptop adapter and the quality of the plastic used to mould the laptop adaptor body are of inferior quality.

Secondly, it may sound ridiculous but because English is not the native language of these cheap Chinese factories, you will often find that counterfeit chargers will have spelling mistakes on the laptop adapter label.We have seen instances of ‘safety mark’ being spelt incorrectly on the laptop ac adapter label for example.Lastly, you may also notice that the laptop charger label will appear less glossy than that on your original charger and may even not have been stuck on straight.This is because whereas in the original OEM factories all the production process is automated, fake laptop chargers are made with several of the process involving manual labour, and this includes sticking the laptop adaptor labels onto the laptop charger body.